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Firstly Chiropractors deal with primarily aberrations in spinal function. This is what is known as the Vertebral Subluxation Complex. These are caused by trauma, injuries such as birth trauma, but the most common cause is from repetitive poor posture, stress and either too much or too little exercise.

As Chiropractors we adjust the spinal/joint segments that are dysfunctioning and reduce the stress on the vertebrae as well as the surrounding tissue. The surrounding tissues are the nerves, muscles , tendons and ligaments. So if these tissues are not working as they’re designed then the entire structure has to work harder and will eventually create pain.

So by having a Chiropractor exam your spine, regardless of whether you are in pain or not, will help your body to function at its optimum

Chiropractors in Australia have a university degree which takes approximately 6 years to complete. They are trained in Anatomy, Physiology, Diagnosis, and radiology just to name a few of the areas. Their education is similar to a GP except we do not have training in pharmacology or surgery.

Once you walk into our clinic you will be greeted by one of our lovely staff members. They will require you to fill out a case history form and consent form before seeing the Chiropractor. Next the Chiropractor will take you into the treatment room where they will discuss your case history and ask many questions to get the information needed to provide you with the best care possible.

Next the doctor will go through an exam of your spine and other areas of complaint to determine firstly if you will benefit from Chiropractic and if so, what will be the best approach. Sometimes we require to get other tests done outside of the office before we are able to complete the exam and before we provide treatment. These tests can be plain X-rays to CT scans or MRI. As with any health care provider, we need to be certain that we can help with your case.

Chiropractic adjustments should not cause pain.  The chiropractor will work within your pain tolerance adapting techniques to suit your age, build and history.

Sometimes you may experience temporary tenderness after your first few adjustments ( much like you have done a work out at the gym) as your body adapts to its new alignment.

Henley Beach Chiropractic Clinic

Our Team

Dr. Kevin A. Szekely

M.(sports Chiro), D.C.(USA)

Dr. Kevin A. Szekely   M.(sports chiro), D.C.(USA)   ​Dr. Kevin has been in practice since his graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa, in 1985.  He comes from a Chiropractic family, with his father being a chiropractor as well as his uncle and his brother.

He has a keen interest in wellness care, sports injuries and family care. He received his Masters degree from Macquarie University(Sydney, NSW) in 1998. He has worked with both professional, Olympic and amateur sporting teams, and individual athletes, as well as the weekend warrior athletes.

He opened the Henley Beach Chiropractic Clinic on July 4, 1988, after working for 3 years at the Victoria Park Chiropractic Clinic in Rose Park, SA. He opened this practice with the philosophy that his patients would have a better understanding of their health and how to achieve their goals. He has always believed that the patient must be an active participant in their health care.

Dr. Amanda Pineda

B.(health Science) M (chiro)

Dr. Amanda joined the clinic in January 2003. Amanda graduated from Sydney’s       Macquarie University. Dr Amanda has interest in a broad range of areas, some of which are sports chiropractic, paediatrics, and dry needling.

Dr. Amanda also has a passion to help and educate her patients so that they will have a better understanding of their health and how to achieve those health and lifestyle goals.

David Cassidy

Massage Therapist

David is married with three children, and he has lived in the western suburbs entire life, and specifically Henley Beach South for the last 24 years. Currently  he works in Aged Care as an“Exercise Instructor” at a Residential Care site in addition to his Massage Therapy He completed a”Diploma of  Remedial Massage” in 2010,  with focus on Sports Massage.

In addition to working at Henley Beach Chiropractic Clinic, he also is a  Massage therapist to SACA Redbacks and Adelaide Strikers cricket teams. David previously played Grade Cricket for West Torrens and also did SANFL Boundary Umpiring.

David and his family are members of Henley Surf Life Saving Club. Currently David enjoys maintaining fitness through running, swimming, bike riding, gym and surf boat rowing.

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