Dr. Kevin A. Szekely

M.(sports Chiro), D.C.(USA)

Dr. Kevin A. Szekely   M.(sports chiro), D.C.(USA)   ​Dr. Kevin has been in practice since his graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa, in 1985.  He comes from a Chiropractic family, with his father being a chiropractor as well as his uncle and his brother.

He has a keen interest in wellness care, sports injuries and family care. He received his Masters degree from Macquarie University(Sydney, NSW) in 1998. He has worked with both professional, Olympic and amateur sporting teams, and individual athletes, as well as the weekend warrior athletes.

He opened the Henley Beach Chiropractic Clinic on July 4, 1988, after working for 3 years at the Victoria Park Chiropractic Clinic in Rose Park, SA. He opened this practice with the philosophy that his patients would have a better understanding of their health and how to achieve their goals. He has always believed that the patient must be an active participant in their health care.